10 Seconds To Love: Roadster

Roadster launched a new kickass campaign with a 10-second video on the occasion of Valentine’s Day and it blew some minds away! Let’s say it wasn’t subtle but it subtly described the occasion and all that goes behind and undercover during the time of celebrating love. It was sweet and sexy, killing two birds with a single arrow.

The best part? If you ask me it the way the video clip that was released kept it crisp and sweet- just as the brand Roadster is. The campaign captures exactly this with precision and style. Roadster is one Indian brand that has become synonymous with travel and adventure, motivating young people to embrace the road. This launch is a step to further this. There is something about simplicity, comfort and hardiness in clothing that arouses in us, the need to set out to experience the world. This is what the apparel, footwear and accessories by Roadster for men and women makes one feel, inspired.

The original adventure is not time you climbed a mountain, swam across a river or skydived, but the deep-seated emotions you felt, the people you were with and fears that you conquered. All these little things make our lives larger. And Roadster, being a traveler’s brand has everything you need to feel comfortable and quirky at the same time. With a range of shirts, sweaters, jeans, jackets, footwear and accessories, there is something for each one of your adventures, even if it is love this season. In any case, love is the only original adventure.

Roadster happy Valentines day

The campaign just outlines the spirit of the brand and its s4ense of humor. It shows the democratic and liberated feel at Myntra, that all its in-house brands portray. It a little bit of laugh and fun, but at the same time under covering the deep-running emotions and thoughts that go into something.
That’s the beauty of all brands for the young, especially when it’s a travel inspired brand.

Valentine’s Day is not just about hearts and flowers for us all, except for Archies. And about spending more time together, getting into our comfort zones, along with living an adventure. After all Life, itself, is the greatest adventure of all. And there couldn’t be a tribute better than this one to a day that celebrated love and togetherness. So it isn’t a bad idea to plan a trip with your better halves and go on a romantic adventure with them to create ever-lasting meaningful memories. And if you’re worried about any kind of gear, head onto the Myntra app on your phone and all your road related needs will be taken care of by Myntra. Not only will you find rad looking, durable and comfortable apparel, shoes and accessories from Roadster, but you will find everything else you can think of, delivered right to your doorstep. Make sure you head out soon and make every moment of your life count.

Source: Valentine’s Day: Roadster Style


Roadster and MotoGP Create a New Code for the Road

Riding is the art and science of following the road. It requires passion much like anything that is worth doing and worth doing well. As any self-respecting rider knows, the road is a harsh mistress. It requires preparation, skill, a bit of luck and a whole lot of willpower to reach a destination. Gear is not optional and neither is ‘presence of mind’ while riding.

Roadster is an Indian brand with a deep passion for riders, and has carved a niche space for itself in the online market through Myntra. Roadster offers a variety of riding gear, riding clothing and accessories for the modern rider; now in collaboration with MotoGP, which is the single most-followed two-wheeled motorsport in the world. With the collaboration there is no compromise on the standard of riding gear; the best quality materials are used and the best in the business are looking over it to check for any inconsistencies as there is no room for error in riding, or the making of riding outfits.roadster-motogp-myntra-1-2

Roadster’s MotoGP collection consists of jackets, denims and T-shirts for the modern rider who knows safety comes first, but that it is closely followed by fashion. With detachable thermal linings on the inside of the jackets and easy pockets placed in arm’s reach, coupled with resiliently stretchable denims, short of divine interventions nothing can go wrong for the rider in almost all weathers and climates.

So y’all riders get your thermometers out because the riding fever is about to hit hard.