Roadster and MotoGP Create a New Code for the Road

Riding is the art and science of following the road. It requires passion much like anything that is worth doing and worth doing well. As any self-respecting rider knows, the road is a harsh mistress. It requires preparation, skill, a bit of luck and a whole lot of willpower to reach a destination. Gear is not optional and neither is ‘presence of mind’ while riding.

Roadster is an Indian brand with a deep passion for riders, and has carved a niche space for itself in the online market through Myntra. Roadster offers a variety of riding gear, riding clothing and accessories for the modern rider; now in collaboration with MotoGP, which is the single most-followed two-wheeled motorsport in the world. With the collaboration there is no compromise on the standard of riding gear; the best quality materials are used and the best in the business are looking over it to check for any inconsistencies as there is no room for error in riding, or the making of riding outfits.roadster-motogp-myntra-1-2

Roadster’s MotoGP collection consists of jackets, denims and T-shirts for the modern rider who knows safety comes first, but that it is closely followed by fashion. With detachable thermal linings on the inside of the jackets and easy pockets placed in arm’s reach, coupled with resiliently stretchable denims, short of divine interventions nothing can go wrong for the rider in almost all weathers and climates.

So y’all riders get your thermometers out because the riding fever is about to hit hard.