Your Everyday Backpack Has An Interesting History

There are many popular brands today that sell backpacks of various designs. American Tourister, Adidas, Puma, Nike, The North Face, High Sierra and SuperDry are but a few brands that dominate the market, both in India and abroad, apart from many other unorganized retailers. The fact that most of these brands are sports brands doesn’t come as a surprise because for quite a few years now, sports accessories have begun to be seen as fashionable and stylish. People are no longer looking for mere utility from such accessories – they want to make a fashion statement as well with these products.


Backpacks however, were not born as fashionable items. In fact, they were originally meant only for trekking and mountaineering and were even made of wood! But soon, a man named Asher Kelty, who can be called the ‘Father of the modern backpack’, realized that there would be a huge market for a lighter and more durable version of the backpack then sold for mountaineers. His lightweight backpack was made using nylon, lightweight aluminum tubing, padded shoulder and waist straps. Thus started the story of the evolution of backpacks which have now permeated the everyday life of trekkers, kids, office goers and fashionistas alike.