Myntra Gears Up the Launches of New Futuristic Products

Technology has, and continues to play an indispensable role in improving and simplifying our lives. At breakneck speed, we have seen appliances, vehicles, devices and tools evolve from what they were when we were young and had just discovered them, to how we perceive and use them today. Take for example your constant companion – something you are probably holding in your hands right now: your mobile phone; over the years, you witnessed your grandfather’s giant black receiver phones, the sleeker ‘land-line’ receivers with helical cords that inadvertently always found itself intertwined in your fingers as you held the receivers connected to them, the new flanged cordless phones – a novel idea at that time, succeeded by the first cellular phones, and finally, to the device that has come to be so precious to us.

Myntra’s Innovation Labs

In nearly every other sphere of life, we have had technological change as our constant companion. In stark contrast, the clothing and fashion industry has only seen advancements that have in no way been influenced and molded by technology. All up until very recently, this was very true. However, with Indian e-commerce giants Myntra’s latest advents, starting with the establishment of the Innovation Lab to the recent launch of Blink Go! – A wearable smart device – and all the stellar work that they have done, in between.

Myntra’s Innovation Lab has some exceptional inventions and conceptually unique products in store for all fans of fashion and tech. Founded in 2017, Myntra Innovation Labs’ goal is to make technological breakthroughs in the fashion industry. They have already started rolling out some of their products. First and foremost, there is the Talking Mirror app. To reap the benefits of this app, you need to take photos of all the clothes in your wardrobe to feed data to the app. Next, you need to take a mirror selfie – and the app will generate combinations for you based on the data it has already gathered. The app recognizes all clothes, irrespective of whether it was purchased on Myntra or not. The app is also being developed to run on a kiosk, with some slight adjustments, which will be placed in physical Myntra stores like Roadster.

That’s not all, Myntra’s Innovation Labs have been busy with another project – Talking Tees. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Well, these tees don’t talk, but they sure do shine. Under ordinary circumstances, Talking Tees will look the same as your regular graphic t-shirts. However, if you view them through a special holographic lens, you can see the elements of the graphic on the tee appear closer, move, and make patterns and designs, and much more. They are truly a sight to behold!

The smartwatch Blink Go! was released during Myntra’s signature EORS sale. Remarkably, this wearable device sold out within 15 hours of its initial release. Blink Go! is loaded with a number of innovative features that do wonders for your health and mind. Apart from these, there are a bunch of other cool gadgets and devices that are currently under the works, and it won’t be a long wait for them to see the light of day.

source: Myntra’s Innovation Labs Are Gearing up Some Exciting New Products

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