The 2nd Edition Of Myntra Fashion Upgrade Is Going To Be Bigger & Better

After the roaring success of the 1st edition of Myntra Fashion Upgrade, the online shopping website is back with its second edition and things seems to be taking off right from the beginning. It is the perfect opportunity for everyone to do a good act while upgrading their fashion statement a notch or two higher.

The second edition of the Myntra fashion upgrade is going to take place from the 1st of April till the 6th and the event has already received a lot of traction. The event allows consumers to receive redeemable points for the unused clothes that they will donate to the shopping website. Myntra will there after donate all the collected clothes to GOONJ, a Delhi based non-government organization who will channelize the items to the farfetched villages in India and the urban slums. This year the fashion website is scaling the entire operation and targeting to collect over 6 lakh items. It will be a 40% increase from the 1st edition that was held in November 2017. If they are capable of pulling off the operation, this will be the largest ever collection done globally.

Exchange.Earn.Upgrade: Myntra Fashion Upgrade Is Back

So, if you are one of those people who have a wardrobe full of clothing items yet always complain that you have nothing to wear, this is your opportunity to help the one in need, while cleaning out your closet. Take out all those clothes that you have been saving to wear when you will fit into them or the clothes that you bought on impulse and never actually wore. Those cute tops that you thought you could wear to a party but they don’t match your personality anymore or the uncool dresses that someone gifted you but you never once tried them on, also fit the bill pretty well. Make sure to give out as many items as you can and in a state good enough that someone could wear. The more you give away, the more points you earn and you can elevate your wardrobe collection at a go.

And guess what, that’s not all. The brands that are participating in this event are impressive to say the least. The in house brands of Myntra like HRX, Roadster, Anouk, All About You and Dressberry are all offering brilliant exchange offers for your redeemable points. Hold on, that’s not all! International brands like Jack & Jones, United Colors of Benetton, Vero Moda, Forever 21, and USPA, as well as domestic ones like W, Biba and Red Tape are also lining up with great offers.

So, what are you waiting for? Go log in to the Myntra App or website and check out the fantastic list of fashion items that you can purchase. You will receive full assistance with regard to how and where you can use your redeemable points and use it for the best. But before that run to your wardrobe, ask your mom’s help if you want but let go off your unused clothes and revamp your wardrobe for the upcoming summers. And get ready to rock the streets with full-on glee.


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