Mr. Bowerbird Takes Flight

Javed Khan, a proficient designer and budding entrepreneur, was just one of the thousands of designers working for Indian retailers but with one difference: He had a vision and the willpower to try to bring that vision to fruition.

With Myntra’s Fashion Incubator he got the platform to showcase his unique vision to experts in the field of fashion designing, and along the way got the motivation and mentoring to outdo his own expectations. Having worked for Louise Phillippe, he had delved deep into the ins and outs of designing garments for men. Having a thorough knowledge helped but he was truly inspired by the variety of style in men’s section (and the blurring of the line between formals, casual and smart dressing) to come up with his own blend of designs under the name ‘Mr. Bowerbird’ –which mixes and matches different genres of apparel to approach a unique and trendy look for the post-modern man.


In his own words, “Mr. Bowerbird focuses on making ‘everyday favorites’. Every piece is designed in a way to be paired with anything else in collection. With Mr. Bowerbird I’m trying to push the idea of not disposing things so fast. There is a story attached to everything” and that is how he approaches the art of designing new and unique styles for men.

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