Ethnic Wear In The Office Space

When it comes to choosing an appropriate dress for work most women in the world will stick to an officious look; maybe a pencil skirt with an airy blouse or perhaps trousers in darker shades paired with a loose shirt but ethnic garments do not frequently make the list. Bold colors and trendy cuts do not exactly scream ‘office girl’ for the world but we live in India and in our country the pot of fashion is not so restricted. We have a tradition of vibrant fashion dating back to centuries and all those centuries worth of fashion still exists today, in small forms or details. The mix-n-match option is ever present to be availed with just some creativity and confidence.

It is rightly said that confidence is the best outfit to wear, for if you wear anything with enough jazz in your step, you come off looking good or at least as close to being aesthetically appealing as is possible if you’re wearing a jute bag. Indians however are not limited in this regard, and can brag about having distinct fashion styles originating from all corners of our great and vast nation.


Especially in India, It is not out of the ordinary to see office-going women sporting traditional attires. Salwar-kameez with a dupatta and, on special events, wearing sarees in the office space is mostly preferred over western-style suit and pants. Under the basking light of such an environment, it is absolutely viable to pick out a fashionable, yet classy, ethnic look for office space.

Only a few things are a complete no-no in the office spaces at our end of the world such as going for an over-the-top style which is distracting in all the wrong ways. Your clothes project your persona to the people around you; your clothes communicate far more efficiently your position, personality and preferences than any other non-verbal cues so it is very important to dress according to how you want to be perceived.

But if you do not know what you should pick out from the avalanche of options in the market, here’s our guide to the trends that are making a round around the office joints nowadays:

  1. Straight-fit kurta- that silhouette adds more to your personality than you might know. In colors such as indigo, a straight-fit kurta is likely to come off as the perfect outfit to project confidence with a hint of royal classiness.
  2. Kalamkari printed short kurta- from the heart of South India, this print paves the way for you to communicate your inbred source of aesthetic appeal.
  3. Printed palazzos- If you haven’t seen this baggy number making the rounds in the office area then you must be living under a rock. Palazzos make for the perfect blend of class and coy. A must-have item in the present decade.
  4. Phulkari jackets and pattachitra stoles- Adding these small details in your outfit can make or break the statement you intend to make, especially when paired with other items in the list, so mix n’ match accordingly.

These trends have taken over the game this season with their classy demeanor coupled with a hint of that-feminine-factor which really makes women stand out, especially in positions of power. Going with ethnic wear for work is a way to make a statement about yourself and the whole female community. Clothes exhibit power so tap into the inexhaustible flow of ethnic wear that is omniscient in India and set a benchmark to be followed in the office space.



Men Vs. Women Shopping Trends

The genetic makeup of humans is a fascinating study, especially considering that men and women have different genes originating from pre-historic Homo erectus. In all women, a distinct protein fiber X chromosome is hypothesized to come down from an ancient matriarch ‘Eve’ specimen and the Y chromosome from an ancient patriarch ‘Adam’ who both lived about several thousand years apart and could not have possibly fused their genetic make-up –hence, giving modern human sexes their deeply-embedded differences.

These differences have been celebrated and vilified over the years but only recently we have started to understand them. Some of these differences are starkly visible to the naked eye while others are only hypothesized but it is true that men and women have different shopping habits.

For most men shopping happens in a linear fashion, so to say – they have an item in mind, they visit the store, buy the item and their task is done. The difference is also visible when it comes to methods of payment. Men tend to pay using debit/credit cards whereas women prefer to pay with cash. Men will more often pay more to speed up the process than ‘waste time’ looking for bargains. The worst scenario for a man is not buying a less-than-ideal item but coming out of the store empty-handed. It was found that men usually only employ the left-side of their brain to solve problems whereas women use both the sides.

For women, shopping is more than just buying something – it is an experience. They tend to go shopping with their friends, take ample time to go through a number of things and then after much contemplation they end up making the purchase. A woman’s approach to shopping is very much part of who she is; it is part of her DNA. The way a woman shops when she is 18 years old is the same way she is going to shop when she is 43 years old. It is a lifelong mindset. Women tend to be more astute consumers than men, simply because they are willing to invest the time and energy necessary to research and compare products. At the same time, their two-sided brain approach to problem solving makes them more susceptible to emotional appeals than a man.

However, with E-commerce shopping options it was found that men also spend time comparing products and doing research which they otherwise would not have done had they been visiting a store. Such online shopping habits of consumers in India show that a good 61% of the total online shopping is done by men. The study also illustrates that 58% of the people shopping online are married.

Despite all the differences in shopping psychologies between men and women, one thing is common in both genders –they both want to be stylish and look good, whether it be for official events, get-togethers or just daily wear.


Roadster and MotoGP Create a New Code for the Road

Riding is the art and science of following the road. It requires passion much like anything that is worth doing and worth doing well. As any self-respecting rider knows, the road is a harsh mistress. It requires preparation, skill, a bit of luck and a whole lot of willpower to reach a destination. Gear is not optional and neither is ‘presence of mind’ while riding.

Roadster is an Indian brand with a deep passion for riders, and has carved a niche space for itself in the online market through Myntra. Roadster offers a variety of riding gear, riding clothing and accessories for the modern rider; now in collaboration with MotoGP, which is the single most-followed two-wheeled motorsport in the world. With the collaboration there is no compromise on the standard of riding gear; the best quality materials are used and the best in the business are looking over it to check for any inconsistencies as there is no room for error in riding, or the making of riding outfits.roadster-motogp-myntra-1-2

Roadster’s MotoGP collection consists of jackets, denims and T-shirts for the modern rider who knows safety comes first, but that it is closely followed by fashion. With detachable thermal linings on the inside of the jackets and easy pockets placed in arm’s reach, coupled with resiliently stretchable denims, short of divine interventions nothing can go wrong for the rider in almost all weathers and climates.

So y’all riders get your thermometers out because the riding fever is about to hit hard.

Mr. Bowerbird Takes Flight

Javed Khan, a proficient designer and budding entrepreneur, was just one of the thousands of designers working for Indian retailers but with one difference: He had a vision and the willpower to try to bring that vision to fruition.

With Myntra’s Fashion Incubator he got the platform to showcase his unique vision to experts in the field of fashion designing, and along the way got the motivation and mentoring to outdo his own expectations. Having worked for Louise Phillippe, he had delved deep into the ins and outs of designing garments for men. Having a thorough knowledge helped but he was truly inspired by the variety of style in men’s section (and the blurring of the line between formals, casual and smart dressing) to come up with his own blend of designs under the name ‘Mr. Bowerbird’ –which mixes and matches different genres of apparel to approach a unique and trendy look for the post-modern man.


In his own words, “Mr. Bowerbird focuses on making ‘everyday favorites’. Every piece is designed in a way to be paired with anything else in collection. With Mr. Bowerbird I’m trying to push the idea of not disposing things so fast. There is a story attached to everything” and that is how he approaches the art of designing new and unique styles for men.

Myntra Takes The ‘Try And Test’ Route

Although online retail companies are riding on a wave of a huge growth in internet use across the country, buyers still have to overcome one hurdle – which is to trust their online purchase despite not having the comfort factor of trying on clothes and other commodities before ordering it online, as they would in a shop.

This continues to be one of the challenges faced by e-commerce companies when it comes to shopping for apparel. However, Myntra has stepped in to fill this lacuna by offering the unbelievable – it says you can try on a dress or other commodity when it is delivered to you before you accept it, as opposed to returning it at a later date.Print

In the introductory phase, the T&B service will extend to customers in NCR, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Pune, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Lucknow, Jaipur and Bengaluru, the city where the service was launched in its pilot phase.

Adding to the list of services that Myntra is offering its customers under the T&B scheme are products like apparel, shoes and accessories prior to their purchase. Now, you can try on your favourite Mynrtra at your doorstep.

The new feature will allow even high-value purchases to be made online, as well as reduce the quantum of product returns by a large extent. The 30-day return and exchange policy will continue to be in force on products purchased through T&B.

Sachin Tendulkar’s New playground is Myntra!

Sachin Tendulkar, the most inspiring Indian cricket icon, is putting his spare time during retirement to indulge in his creative side. He has launched his own menswear brand by the name True Blue, on the leading fashion and lifestyle portal.

The brand was initially launched offline in May this year, in a business deal between Sachin Tendulkar and Arvind Fashion Brands.

In Sachin Tendulkar’s own words, “It is exciting to note that True Blue will be available online on Myntra to many customers across the country. It will continue its pursuit to emerge as an iconic brand from India.”

Sachin also revealed his fashion instincts when he said, “True Blue embodies my identity and corresponds to the way I look at fashion. I believe in fashion that endows personal comfort, reflecting an individual’s style and not just as a form of demonstration.”

When you look at the True Blue range, it’s obvious that it’s a reinterpretation of traditional Indian motifs and apparel, with a touch of the modern. The range is minimal, consisting of light summer suits to shirts, T-shirts, chinos, waistcoats and other basics. Clearly, one can look stylish every day wearing True Blue.

The man known for his shots beyond the boundary has surely found the perfect new playground in Myntra.

The Fashion Show At Rio Olympics

Does the element of fashion at the Olympics surprise you? Well, get over your surprise, because here is an interesting fact: besides scores of athletes and sportspersons from all over the world, there are plenty of big designer names involved in Olympics. It is not the most talked about sporting competition for nothing. The team uniforms and competition outfits get as much attention as the prowess of the athlete, especially at the Parade of Nations in the opening ceremony of the Games for the former. Designer names like Christian Louboutin, Ralph Lauren, Simon Jersey and Stella McCartney will also be competing for glory at the Games.

Rio Olympics

For Great Britain, while Simon Jersey has designed the team uniform, Stella McCartney has lent her hand to the Adidas sports outfits for the athletes. USA’s flag bearer and celebrated swimmer Michael Phelps wore an outfit by Ralph Lauren. Lacoste, which is dressing up the French team, presented a special spring/summer 2016 collection inspired by Rio Olympics, at Paris Fashion Week last year. The Olympic Games are a great opportunity for various brands to grab eyeballs at an international level, and sports clothing has taken on a decidedly fashionable twist in this arena.


Myntra’s Vision Is To Make You Look Good

A company that dedicates all its resources to make at least 50 million people look good by 2020, and becomes one of the most loved brand of the country, does deserve recognition. And in fact, the company got just that recently. At the 7th Annual India Leadership Conclave & Indian Affairs Business Leadership Awards 2016 hosted by the Network 7 Media Group, Myntra was awarded India’s Most Admired & Valuable Power Brand Award 2016.


Myntra’s CMO and Head of International Brands, Gunjan Soni accepted the award, along with a delivery agent and emphasized that becoming India’s biggest and most popular fashion and lifestyle destination by helping 50 million Indians ‘Look Good’ by 2020, is Myntra’s vision. She also said that Myntra has a lot of aspirations in this year. It is looking to engage over 20 million users on the Myntra platforms and will continue to work on “top of mind recall” with the consumer in the online fashion category. The company aims to do this by offering the best of Indian and international brands on its platform, besides connecting fashion lovers to influencers, brands and celebrities through the use of technology.


Your Everyday Backpack Has An Interesting History

There are many popular brands today that sell backpacks of various designs. American Tourister, Adidas, Puma, Nike, The North Face, High Sierra and SuperDry are but a few brands that dominate the market, both in India and abroad, apart from many other unorganized retailers. The fact that most of these brands are sports brands doesn’t come as a surprise because for quite a few years now, sports accessories have begun to be seen as fashionable and stylish. People are no longer looking for mere utility from such accessories – they want to make a fashion statement as well with these products.


Backpacks however, were not born as fashionable items. In fact, they were originally meant only for trekking and mountaineering and were even made of wood! But soon, a man named Asher Kelty, who can be called the ‘Father of the modern backpack’, realized that there would be a huge market for a lighter and more durable version of the backpack then sold for mountaineers. His lightweight backpack was made using nylon, lightweight aluminum tubing, padded shoulder and waist straps. Thus started the story of the evolution of backpacks which have now permeated the everyday life of trekkers, kids, office goers and fashionistas alike.